Dear Friends, VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI reopens Saturday 18 January 2020!

Our homemade milk-based ice cream or milk free, vegan, sugar free and organic await you.
But also the homemade semifreddo, bubble waffle, fresh fruit, yogurt and lots of good pastry.

We are in Milan Duomo in via Pattari, 2 at the corner of Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Good, healthy, organic. Master Ice Cream of VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI have created the new Organic ice cream line.

The ingredients are exceptional, chosen from the best of organic production. Water based, totally MILK FREE but also VEGAN, the homemade preparation guarantees high quality and total absence of chemical preservatives, dyes and chemical thickeners.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI in the top ten of health and wellness in Milan.

The German magazine SLOWLY VEGGIE, specializing in wellness, nature and lifestyle, celebrate us!.

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VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI has launched a line of organic and vegan artisanal Gelato flavors.

Our chefs have developed a healthy recipe based on organic and completely vegan fruit!

The healthiest, lightest and best ice cream in the world!

Come and try it at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI in Milan Duomo, via Pattari, 2 at the corner of corso Vittorio Emanuele II

We have a new look and now we are open!

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI is back with a whole new store! But the magic formula does not change: Fresh homemade ice cream every day, based on Italian milk or in very good vegan recipes based on olive oil or ORGANIC.

And then fresh fruit prepared every morning, ice cream cakes and homemade semifreddi, yogurt and a very good coffee shop. What are you waiting for?

Dear Customers,

from January 22 for about a month, VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI remains closed for structural work of the building, not dependent on our will.

Many innovations await you at our reopening, new flavors of ice cream, new ideas for a healthy and pleasant break, new opportunities for taste.

Stay tuned! See you soon!

Dear Friends,

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI closes for the Christmas holidays

on December 24th 2018 and reopens on January 11th 2019.

Many new products await you among the ice creams, pastry and our savory proposals.

Dear greetings for sweet holidays!

The autumn-winter season 2018-2019 opens at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI with many innovations.

Next to the 100% homemade ice cream that has made us so famous, from today a range of succulent pastry and sandwich proposals. Fresh buns, handmade cakes, donuts, and then our beloved gaufres, pastries and cannoli, semifreddi, fruit and fruit salads ...

Vegan Ice Cream

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI has long introduced a range of tastes of very good Vegan Ice Cream. The extra dark Ariba Chocolate from Ecuador or the Goji, the miraculous berry of Tibet, are water based to guarantee the taste of the raw material to express itself at its best. Then the Cinnamon, the Pistachio, the Hazelnut, the Licorice and much more in the variant based on olive oil, the typical ingredient of the Italian food tradition, with zero impact on the environment and rich in nutrients.

Our Vegan Ice Cream is VeganOK Certified.

Come and try them at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI in Milan Duomo, via Pattari, 2 at the corner of corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Their new creations, result of the encounter between their creativity and the best ingredients, are now available, 

Fresh strawberries, whipped cream, ice cream penguin and yogurt. A decoration of Nutella and strawberry, with a rain of red red hearts chocolate.

By Vanilla Ice cream Italian the day of love is celebrated as well, with good and healthy ice cream, fresh fruit, a touch of color and a welcoming smile.


Happy St. Valentine's Day!

We take a little vacation!
Milan's Duomo: we are closed from December 24 2016 to 10 January 2017.
Milan's Darsena: we are closed from December 24 2016 to 28 February 2017.
A sincere wish for much happiness!

A crispy Gaufre fresh and delicate or a delicious Crêpe are the ideal base to accommodate the good ice cream to taste you prefer.

Only by VANILLA gelati ITALIANi in Darsena you can choose from today a good and healthy dessert paired with artisanal taste of ice cream more appreciated in Milan!
Come and discover new delights of VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI!

From now on VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI offers you Vegan Ice Cream Cones.
Good, crispy and tasty but absolutely without milk and without eggs.
Shake hands with your health and help our planet for a more ethical and fairer development!

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI always pays close attention to the research of new ingredients and to create an healthy and refined ice cream. During the whole winter we made many tests, we looked for the best raw materials, we evaluated carefully the perfect balance of ingredients and the best flavour. And now we are ready to offer you great newnesses among our ice creams!

June 10, 2015 h. 2.00 – 7.00 p.m.

The special recipe of Vegan Ice Cream that Vanilla Gelati Italiani has developed, replaces milk with OLIVE OIL, the basic ingredient of the mediterranean diet.

Olive oil, light and flavourless, exalts the selected ingredients that enrich our ice cream with taste.

Fabulous _avours are created in this way: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Coffee, Goji, Cream and Pistachio, all a perfect mix of lightness and delicacy


Also this year Vanilla Gelati Italiani has achieved the Certificate of Excellence of TripAdvisor. We made a great improvement since last year! We would like to thank You for your consideration and your appreciation that we try to achieve every day thanks to the quality, the handcrafted ingredients and the passion that have always been our aims.

The famous Chilean magazine El Mercurio dedicated a long article to the renovated Milan in occasion of Expo 2015.
Among the things that can't be missed, stands out VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI Ice cream; VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI is here appreciated for its quality, its flavour and the affordable price.

Pleasure, sensuality, flavour. This is our new ice cream sundae,  this new special creation is available at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI only from the 6th to 8th March.

Rose petal, cinnamon, ginger ice cream flavours with currants galore, red like passion.

As always, at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI we do not use hydrogenated fats, there are no manipulations. We use only fresh and natural ingredients.



Waves of glorious ice cream, fresh seasonal fruit, sparkling colours and so much light….these are the ingredients of the new VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI store. VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI upgrades its location but does not change the winning recipe for fine ice cream.

Where are we? The address has not changed: Via Pattari, 2, corner Corso Vittorio Emanuele, a few steps away from Piazza Duomo.

17th September 2013
h.18.00 – 24.00

An evening completely dedicated to the most loved ice cream flavour of all times: chocolate.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI has created a special event to celebrate chocolate ice cream flavour, in two special and exquisite variants: Sur Del Lago from Venezuela and Sambirano from Madagascar. The 17th September, from 18.00 to 24.00 our chef, Stefano Sponga and the whole staff of VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI will welcome you to a whole evening dedicated to chocolate to be tasted. The best way to greet summer is with VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI chocolate ice cream, while the fashion night offers the city a “Notte Bianca” a special  festival for style and shopping.

28th  June 2013
From 14.00

Discover VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI goji ice cream. It’s a special recipe that our chef Stefano Sponga has created exclusively for VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI. Only goji berries, water, sugar that lead to a mixture of lightness and health. What is more, there is no milk, it is the best way to avoid calories without missing out on ice cream’s purest and most natural taste. Goji ice cream is ideal also for customers who are intolerant to lactose and gluten  since it is prepared with Italian olive oil.

Goji is a real elixir of health , containing powerful antioxidant properties,18 essential amino acids and 6 essential vitamins. Native to the mountains of Tibet and Mongolia, it has always been used by the Asian tradition as a culinary ingredient and as medicine to stimulate our immune system, to keep skin young, to quicken wound healing  and to boost our metabolism.

A long life elixir at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI comes with high quality ice cream, authentic taste and regard for health.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI has created a new goji ice cream flavour. Goji is a red berry native from Tibet and Mongolia.

Naturally dried in the sun, goji maintains its wide range antioxidant properties thanks to its characterizing 18  essential amino acids and 6 essential vitamins. It is able to stimulate our immune system, it can rinvigorate damaged or wrinkled skin. The authentic long life elixir becomes an ice cream thanks to Vanilla Gelati Italiani chefs.

We chose to create this new ice cream flavour with health and wellness in mind, only goji berries, water and sugar to guarantee a perfect balance.

Would you like to know more? Come to see us and try our new ice cream goji flavour at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI.

Special event on 8th  April 2014
h 14.00 - 19.00

Vanilla Gelati Italiani dedicated a special event to discover exclusive vegan ice cream recipes. A wide range of flavours suitable for vegans, without animal fats, without milk, only with healthy and natural ingredients.

It is a unique occasion to taste a light low fat ice cream and it is the demonstration Vanilla Gelati Italiani cares about our health.

It is healthy and environment friendly

People intolerant to gluten and lactose do not need to say farewell to flavour.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI offers a new flavour ice cream made with olive oil. Olive oil, the most typical ingredient of the mediterranean diet, meets ice cream.

Its taste is real and authentic but without the  fat contained in the dairy products.

Olive oil based ice cream has a delicate taste, it protects the heart from  cholesterol. For those who have lactose and dairy product intolerance it is the perfect solution to enjoy authentic ice cream.


Olive oil based ice cream does not require soy which has a great impact on the ecosystem in the areas of the world where it is produced.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI has received an Exellency Certificate from Tripadvisor in 2014.

This certificate comes as a confirm of the high level of quality and service we give our customers every day with our ice cream, our selected and refined research of ingredients, our offers of semifreddo desserts, milkshakes and fresh smoothies.

Tripadvisor Certificate

At Vanilla you can relish your breakfast or your quick snack 

We now have Vanilla Gelati Italiani winter menu. The dish consists of a sweet (a sweet bun, a   pastry, a muffin or a shortcake), a hot drink (coffee, hot chocolate or capuccino) . In addition to this we add a taste of the perfect ice cream match.

Then there are the fruit skewers  and hot chocolate or the fantastic vegan dish: a hot drink, fruit and the vegan ice cream that got us our name!

Vanilla gelati italian handmade ice cream meets pastries and hot drinks for a special breakfast.

And if you wish to take a seat, we have prepared a heated area where you will find trying our dishes even more inviting. 

The freshest strawberries, whipped cream, penguin snack bar flavour and yogurt.  Topped with nutella and strawberries and above all a sprinkle of red chocolate hearts.

This is how we celebrate the day of love here at Vanilla Gelati Italiani: healthy and tasty ice cream, fresh fruit, a touch of colour and a welcoming smile.

Happy St. Valentine’s day!