Fiordilatte (sweet cream flavour) and strawberry ice cream, fresh strawberry smoothie.

Black cherry and Fiordilatte swirl ice cream, fresh black cherries and whipped cream.

Yogurt and mixed berry ice cream, fresh mixed berries, whipped cream.

Fiordilatte (sweet cream flavour) and mixed berry ice cream, smoothie of fresh mixed berries.

Seasonal fruit ice cream, fresh fruit, whipped cream.

Pistachio and custard ice cream, topping of crushed pistachio nuts and almonds, whipped cream.

Coffee: Cream and coffee flavoured ice cream, coffee, whipped cream.

Chocolate: Cream and chocolate ice cream, melted chocolate drizzle.

Hazelnut and chocolate ice cream, chocolate spread (nutella), nuts, baci di dama (traditional Italian biscuits), whipped cream.

Strawberry and Fiordilatte ice cream (sweet cream flavour), fresh strawberries and whipped cream.

Coconut, mango and goji flavoured ice cream, fresh fruit, goji berries, whipped cream.

Mixture of custard ice creams, VOV liquor, topping of crushed nuts, whipped cream.

Banana and cream ice cream, banana, chocolate.

Chocolate, cookie flavoured and white chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, whipped cream.

White and goji berry flavoured vegan ice cream with goji berries.

Pistachio and walnut ice cream, crushed pistachio nuts and walnuts.