VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI Gelato is special for many reasons.

It's fresh every day.

It is without chemical preservatives, chemical thickeners or dyes.

It is 100% handmade.

Use raw materials of the highest quality.

The base you choose: MILK FROM VALTELLINA, or MILK FREE for a lighter ice cream suitable for lactose intolerance, or VEGAN certified VeganOk, or SUGARFREE ideal for a diet ice cream and perfect for diabetics (sugar is replaced by Maltitol and Sorbitol). From today also the ORGANIC recipe, for a very healthy and organic ice cream in every component.

News Flash

The best organic ice cream is at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI

Good, healthy, organic. Master Ice Cream of VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI have created the new Organic ice cream line.

The ingredients are exceptional, chosen from the best of organic production. Water based, totally MILK FREE but also VEGAN, the homemade preparation guarantees high quality and total absence of chemical preservatives, dyes and chemical thickeners.

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Ice Creams

Prepared daily with fresh and carefully selected ingredients, our ice creams will not disappoin yout.


Vanilla is not only ice cream, but also high quality semifreddo. Try the creations of our chef, to enjoy walking or at home.


If you have a moment of time, sit down and try one of our cups. Classic, lightweight and even vegan to suit every palate!

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