We choose row materials of high quality, among italian regional excellences, like Sicilian Pistachio, Tuscan Pine Nut, Piedmont Almond, Pancalieri White Mint, fresh Fruit, and among the best in the world like Goji from the East, Criollo Cocoa from Venezuela, salted Pistachio from Afghanistan, Vanilla from Madagascar.

Handcrafted Ice Cream should be produced and eaten in the same place and within the same day. In this way it maintains its perfect flavour and qualities. That is the reason why our workshop is located in the same place where you can taste our ice cream.

We never use hydrogenated fats, chemical substances, already made ice cream bases or aldready prepared industrial powder.

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Vegan Ice Cream, Healthy, Light, Sustainable!

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI has long introduced a range of tastes of very good Vegan Ice Cream. The extra dark Ariba Chocolate from Ecuador or the Goji, the miraculous berry of Tibet, are water based to guarantee the taste of the raw material to express itself at its best. Then the Cinnamon, the Pistachio, the Hazelnut, the Licorice and much more in the variant based on olive oil, the typical ingredient of the Italian food tradition, with zero impact on the environment and rich in nutrients.

Our Vegan Ice Cream is VeganOK Certified.

Come and try them at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI in Milan Duomo, via Pattari, 2 at the corner of corso Vittorio Emanuele II

Ice Creams

Prepared daily with fresh and carefully selected ingredients, our ice creams will not disappoin yout.


Vanilla is not only ice cream, but also high quality semifreddo. Try the creations of our chef, to enjoy walking or at home.


If you have a moment of time, sit down and try one of our cups. Classic, lightweight and even vegan to suit every palate!

Our special flavours