VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI stands for delightfully excellent ice cream.

The secret of our recipe lies in searching for natural and original ingredients which are then treated in a natural way without chemicals and by following tradition.

The INGREDIENTS are chosen from the culinary delights from Italy and from all over the world. Constant research has always brought VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI to select high quality ingredients. VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI, stemming from regional and traditional flavours, has proudly collected prestigious certificates and merits over the years. Peppermint from Pancalieri in Piedmont, Pistachio from Sicily and Italian Hazelnuts, not to forget the Madagascar and Venezuelan Cocoa or the Vanilla from Madagascar; our hunt for the finest flavours is never-ending.

Our fruit is exclusively seasonal due to the creativity of our VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI Chefs who offer innovative flavoured ice creams such as Pomegranate ice cream or Persimmon ice cream.

In order to produce our ice cream in a natural and healthy way, Milk, Cream, Sugar, Guvar Beans and Carob are used, mixed with fruit or special ingredients that characterize each flavour.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI loves fine, authentic and natural ice cream, therefore hydrogenated fats, chemical additives, pre prepared mixes or powder mixtures are never used.

This is the reason why VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI can offer an ice cream which can be considered a culinary work of art brought to life by the ingredients and taste.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI is animated by the long experience of Maddalena Rocco and her family, active for decades in the bar and restaurant sector.

A friendly atmosphere, customer care and high food quality are its best assets.

This Italian commitment for taste becomes complete at VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI where Maddalena’s competence and experience meet the creativity of his Chefs.