Directly from Valtellina, the milk we use is 100% Italian, of high quality and with a very high nutritional and organoleptic profile.
Good, healthy, Italian: it is the perfect ingredient for a great Gelato

Lemon of Sorrento is one of the best-known PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) products, famous for its organoleptic qualities and its flavour. With its thick skin and its straw-colored pulp, it is the ingredient of our delicious Lemon of Sorrento ice cream. Lemon of Sorrento ice cream is also healthy, being rich in vitamin C.

The cocoa we use has a very different flavour from the cocoa commonly used, being the result of accurate research in the areas of the world where the best variants are grown.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI uses only the extraordinary Criollo variant, extremely rare and precious being the 0.01% of the entire worldwide production of Cocoa. Especially SUR DEL LAGO CACAO cocoa, which is grown in Venezuela in small plantations located in the Western territories  embracing the states of Merida, Trujillo, Tachira and Zulia, in the southern part of the Maracaibo Lake.

It is a mix of Trinitario cocoa with a strong component of genetic basis of Criollo cacao. Its flavour has shades of coffee and almonds; it is delicate and soft, thanks to a 4-day fermentation process, but it is also round and persistent.

We also use the ARRIBA Cocoa of Ecuador, a very valuable variant for its persistent and floral flavor. It is suitable to create a chocolate ice cream with an intense flavor, sometimes bitter, able to enhance the perfection of the most genuine cocoa.

Grown in the Siracusa area in Sicily, Avola almond is accredited for being one of the most flavourful and rarest varieties of almonds . The crushed almond conveys the ice cream a unique, enveloping and exquisite taste being the finest among all the different varieties of almonds.

BITTER GIANDUIA is the encounter between Bitter Cocoa and Hazelnuts. Thanks to the genuine milk with which these ingredients are blended, it is created an embracing but determined ice cream flavour. It is a recall to the italian chocolate tradition for those who love flavours that cuddle the palate.

SALTED PISTACHIO is a rare specialty. Its strong taste is held in a tiny grain, coming from the wide lands in Afghanistan where wild pistachio grows. This ice cream is extremely different from the traditional Sicilian Pistachio: this new flavour substitutes the sweet pistachio's tone with a strong character and with a hint of salty.

Goji is grown in the Mountains areas of Tibet and Mongolia, its red berries are extremely rich in antioxidants, with 18 amino-acids and 6 vitamins. A true elixir of longevity and a precious stimulus to the immune system. It is also a real panacea for metabolism and for the skin.

The Chefs of VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI employ Goji in an exclusive recipe using only red berries, water and sugar to guarantee a delicate and healthy ice cream.

The most typical ingredient of the Mediterranean Diet, olive oil, encounters our ice cream. This kind of ice cream has a really genuine flavour and contains no milk fat.  The ice cream made with olive oil is healthy and cholesterol free. Moreover it is a great ally against food intolerance to gluten and to dairy products.

In the production of our ice cream made with olive oil there is no use of soy. This to limit the strong impact on the ecosystem in the areas of the world where soy is produced and to enrich our ice cream with  a typical ingredient of the best Italian culinary and nutritional tradition.

We select the best and the freshest fruit for our ice cream. We change our flavours every season to create exquisite ice cream specialties such as: our Lemon of Sorrento, Prickly Pear, Mango, Pomegranate and Persimmon ice creams.

Grown in Madagascar, the Vanilla we employ is the purest vanilla extract, with its characteristic red seeds. This guarantees a refined, intact, full and persistent taste.

This kind of Pine Nut, grown only in small areas of Tuscany, is the most exclusive variety of Pine Nuts. Its peculiar flavour is persistent also thanks to the remaining natural grains that enrich the ice cream after the preparation process.

Peppermint of Pancalieri can boast the 100% Italian Origin Certification.  In the very heart of Piedmont, in the surroundings of Pancalieri, there is the best cultivation of Peppermint. The clay and humid soil gives an exclusive scent of this variety. Pancalieri Peppermint is white and its natural colour remains untouched and is made even more precious by the traditional preservation method. As an expression of the typical Italian excellence, its taste is full, original and intense.

The variety of Hazelnut that VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI uses is an exclusive variant of Piedmont Hazelnut, with IGP Certification. After the harvest the Piedmont Nocciola Gentile – Piedmont Hazelnut - is toasted with the use of hot and humid air, as the typical Italian traditional process requires. The result is a velvety taste where the acid notes have been smoothed into a tone of pleasant richness

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI uses the famous pistachio of Bronte's area in Sicily, that only few can guarantee, and a special variety of pistachio coming from San Biagio's Feud, a wonderful hill area in the hinterland of Agrigento, near the river Platani.

They are both italian (100%) and without contamination; the first leaves its vivid green for a brown shade thanks to two years aging; the second has a very pleasant and intense flavour, an immersion in the sicilian colours and scents.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI's Pistachio is the result of an accurate selection, that always pursues quality and delicate taste. It is the typical flavour of the real italian pistachio that doesn't need any correction due to its perfection.