The cocoa we use has a very different flavour from the cocoa commonly used, being the result of accurate research in the areas of the world where the best variants are grown.

VANILLA GELATI ITALIANI uses only the extraordinary Criollo variant, extremely rare and precious being the 0.01% of the entire worldwide production of Cocoa. Especially SUR DEL LAGO CACAO cocoa, which is grown in Venezuela in small plantations located in the Western territories  embracing the states of Merida, Trujillo, Tachira and Zulia, in the southern part of the Maracaibo Lake.

It is a mix of Trinitario cocoa with a strong component of genetic basis of Criollo cacao. Its flavour has shades of coffee and almonds; it is delicate and soft, thanks to a 4-day fermentation process, but it is also round and persistent.

We also use the ARRIBA Cocoa of Ecuador, a very valuable variant for its persistent and floral flavor. It is suitable to create a chocolate ice cream with an intense flavor, sometimes bitter, able to enhance the perfection of the most genuine cocoa.